Discoveries, Edits, Goals

Hello World!

I should probably write an introduction here, but I fully believe I will forget what I’ve learned if I don’t jot my notes down now!

I’ve also finally installed GBStudio to start making Gameboy games. I’ve literally wanted to make games since I was a tiny thing! I have a VIVID core memory of doing a writing assignment about how I was going to work with my childhood best friend making Pokémon games. I don’t think I’ll be moving to Japan to work for GameFreak anytime soon (especially since contemporary Pkmn games haven’t wowed me), but I love the ingenuity of DMG/GBC games and the worlds they were able to craft within their tight limitations. I have a couple of “de-make” ideas I’d like to play with as learning exercises, but for now I’m just hoping to make something that boots and accepts inputs!

(Tangentially Related: I recently created a sprite of my VTuber sona {and alright, fursona sona} using GBC palette restrictions & edited him into a G/S/C party summary mockup!)

Only getting him for the Dex.

I think I learned how to insert an image from a repository into a blog post just now, entirely by accident! We making MOVES

EDIT 1: I’ve also just learned that Markdown doesn’t work within <div></div> tag parameters and that Thinkspace doesn’t appear to support sub-points for bulleted lists atm! It’s a big learning day here. :)