Hey Howdy, I’m Stag!

I’m a funky bi trans guy making content on the world wide web. I post a lot about my love of video games (especially older/retro titles!), but I also make content about tabletop gaming, furry culture, and esports… which is technically also video game content, I think.

I stream over on Twitch as Roadkill, my working class alien VTuber sona! You can check out more about him here. I’m also a hobby artist: you can see a sampling of my work on my Artstation. I’m especially fond of pixel art/spritework.

This lil webpage serves primarily as a place for me to blog my thoughts- everything from the process of restoring retro gaming hardware to opinions on the Latest Games(TM). You can keep up with my posts via RSS, or keep an eye out for updates on my Twitter!

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