What’s the deal with Roadkill?

Roadkill is a fursona/original character that also serves as my VTuber avatar! He’s effectively a space long-haul trucker, ferrying freight across the galaxy in his junker alongside his crew. He streams games while they’re out on hauls to pass the time. He’s also a member of an original furry alien species I’ve made, called Scrabs.

Called what?

Don’t worry about it. They’re a bioengineered race originally made by a long-dead space empire (that they overthrew). They’re known predominantly for their ability to eat any matter, organic or otherwise, and their theoretically limitless growth. Scrabs can grow to any size and can consciously choose to grow new limbs or re-absorb old ones. They experience the most drastic changes when dwelling on their home planet of Scrabheab, but off-worlders can still warp their bodies to impressive proportions.

Scrab most closely resemble an amalgamation of real world animals, the most prominent examples being kangaroos, rodents, horses, and alligators. They also take inspiration from fictional animals such as dragons.

You mentioned streaming?

Yeah! I stream at twitch.tv/stagrunner. Roadkill acts as my VTuber avatar, though I don’t stream “in character”. RK is better thought of as a de facto mascot.